Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to you carpet cleaners in Dallas and the surrounding areas!!!

Your residue free hot water extraction cleaning method is recommended by carpet manufacturers. We extract all the dirt, sand, grit and grime from the carpet using a high powered patented six inch overlap carpet cleaning process and a residue free cleaning solution. This deep down carpet cleaning allows your carpet to stay looking cleaner longer.

We do the disinfecting and deodorizing to kill all the germs, the dustmites and leave a new fresh lemon scent. We do the prespraying, prespotting, and prestain treatment of all your problem stains. We use a colorbrightner solution to bring all the colors brightly back. We also defoam the carpet to remove damaging residues if you’ve used a shampoo or dry foam type cleaning in the past. We have been cleaning carpet for years and we do have a written guarantee that we do stand behind “We’ll get your carpet clean to your satisfaction or your job is free”.

Our knowledgeable and certified carpet cleaning technicians work with you upon arrival to assure you that all of your special needs are met. Once our technicians have assessed your needs the process begins. We take care of everything for you. There is very little preparation necessary to get ready for your cleaning. In most cases there is no need to vacuum before we come. We vacuum as we are cleaning. While we do move most furnishings, we will work around pieces that are too heavy to be supported by our blocks and pads or that you prefer that we don’t move. When your carpet cleaning is finished your technician will give you tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet and add you to our growing list of thousands of satisfied customers.

Pet stains and odors are a source of concern for many of our customers. We offer an optional treatment to address these issues. Our pet odor eliminator is an enzymatic cleaning agent that destroys odors at their source for permanent odor removal. Our pet odor eliminator has been designed specifically for removing odors caused by urine and other offensive matter by digesting odor causing bacteria in carpet and upholstery. Our pet odor eliminatorcontains special PH resistant enzymes that completely eliminate offensive odors instead of providing a temporary mask. Because this formulation contains no harsh chemicals it is non-toxic and safe for use in the home. If you have pet odor concerns, please ask one of our knowledgeable representatives about adding this product to your cleaning order.


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