Upholstery Cleaning

Depending on your fabric we will either jet steam clean or dry clean the upholstery. We use a highly technical upholstery cleaning tool along with a patented 2 inch overlap process and residue free cleaning solution to bring your upholstery back to life. Our certified upholstery cleaning technicians are experienced with all types of fabrics and are knowledgeable in regard to upholstery manufacturers recommended cleaning methods. During our upholstery cleaning process we extract all the dirt, sand, grit and grime from the upholstery.

Our hy-dry tool allows us to deep clean even the most delicate fabrics without saturating the upholstered piece. Using this adjustable high powered tool and a patented two inch overlap upholstery cleaning process along with a residue free cleaning solution allows your upholstery to stay looking cleaner longer. We do the disinfecting and deodorizing to kill all the germs, the dustmites and leave a new fresh lemon scent. We do the prespraying, prespotting, and prestain treatment of all your problem stains. We use a color brightener solution to bring all the colors brightly back. We also defoam the upholstery to remove damaging residues if you’ve used over the counter shampoo type cleaners or dry foam type cleaners in the past.

Before you try to clean your upholstery yourself, let us provide an estimate. You would be surprised how many customers try to rectify stains and spills themselves, and wind up bleaching or bleading the colors from their delicate fabrics. Has it been awhile since your sofa was cleaned? How about those chairs in your dining room that the kids spill food on during the holidays? Give our dallas upholstery cleaning Crew a call and let us clean your favorite pieces. Other Dallas upholstery cleaners may not provide on-site services, so if you prefer on-site services, please talk with our customer care representatives because this is our specialty!


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